The Star and the Strange Moon

Constance Sayers, author of A Witch in Time and The Ladies of the Secret Circus, is back with a haunting tale of ambition, obsession, and the eternal mystery and magic of film. The Star and the Strange Moon tells the story of actress Gemma Turner, who disappears on the set of a horror film in 1968 and is never seen again, and film student Christopher Kent, who is haunted by one of film history’s greatest mysteries and sets out to discover the truth. Coming November 14, 2023.

A vanished star. A haunted film. A mystery only love can unravel…

1968: Gemma Turner once dreamed of stardom. Now the actress is on the cusp of obscurity. When she’s offered the lead in a radical new horror film, Gemma believes her luck has changed—but her dream is about to turn into a nightmare. One night, between the shadows of an alleyway, Gemma disappears on set and is never seen again. Yet, Gemma is alive. She’s been pulled into the film. And the script—and the monsters within it—are coming to life. Gemma must play her role perfectly if she hopes to survive.

2007: Gemma Turner’s disappearance is one of Hollywood’s greatest mysteries—one that’s captivated film student Christopher Kent ever since he saw L’Étrange Lune for the first time. The screenings only happen once a decade and each time there is new, impossible footage of Gemma that shouldn’t exist. Curiosity drives Christopher to unravel the truth. But answers to the film’s mystery may leave him trapped by it forever.

Select praise for The Star and the Strange Moon

Be warned! The Star and the Strange Moon will cast its spell on you. Constance Sayers has created a book of worlds within worlds. Like the main characters, the reader is irresistibly drawn into the dangerous intrigue and dark truth at the heart of the story. Highly recommended!

Paula Brackston, New York Times Bestselling Author

At once a sweeping tale of dark magic, artistic obsession, and a love unbound from the limits of time, The Star and the Strange Moon captivates with lush prose and moments of poignant, heartbreaking beauty.  A soaring celebration of female agency and the power of free will. This is Constance Sayers at her finest.

Paulette Kennedy, bestselling author of The Witch of Tin Mountain